My hair has been losing a lot lately, do I have alopecia?

We have two good news for you. If you suffer from alopecia we have the solution, but not always that you lose hair is because you suffer from one of its more than 100 variants. If the cause of your hair loss is circumstantial, we also have what you need. We will tell you everything in this post.

Throughout our life we ​​go through moments that affect the balance of our health, and the capillary is not exempt from these troubles. An example is hormonal alterations during menopause or those that occur during pregnancy, where the hair is in a resting period due to the level of estrogens, and that after childbirth gradually returns to normal causing great hair loss.

Another trigger is periods of great stress such as exam time, problems at work, with a partner or in unusual situations such as the COVID-19 pandemic, in which our body releases large amounts of the hormone cortisol that affects hair health. Another determining factor is an unbalanced diet with reduced vitamin intake, as happens in patients with eating disorders or very restrictive diets, or the taking of some medications can also lead to a greater momentary loss of your hair as one of their side effects.

Sometimes hair loss does not come until several months after the unbalancing episode that triggers telogen effluvium. This is a process of change in the natural cycle of our hair that starts the phase of loss (in large quantities) earlier than usual.

If you feel identified, don't be scared! This phenomenon is temporary and at the end of the episode that caused it, the life cycle of our hair will return to normal. Therefore, if it does not originate in a pathology, nor in our genetics, and it is a temporary hair loss, we are not facing alopecia and you are not a candidate for a hair transplant, but there are other medical techniques supported by drugs or laser low-power that can help you overcome this phase and improve the appearance of your hair.

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