Competitive price

Incorporation of new practices that allow us, with affordable prices, to implement therapies that provide fast and safe results.

Sometimes, 'low cost' methods are a double-edged sword, since they do not include the continuity treatments necessary for the process to be completed correctly.

In our practice we do offer this service, since the grafts do not end in surgery, but must be treated continuously to be effective.

In all transplants at our Jerez and Cádiz centers, we include 3 platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments, as unique in the market, as well as low-intensity laser and the gift of a post-operative kit so that the patient has access to all necessary medication and consumables after the intervention.

In addition, the most important thing, a personalized and continuous attention by the surgeon during the post-operative process by telephone to resolve doubts and generate peace of mind for the patient.

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