We are experts in medical treatments and hair surgery, with a long and successful professional career. In addition to specialists in urgencies and emergencies.

To get beautiful and healthy hair again, you start with a good diagnosis. And to get a good diagnosis, you always have to consult professionals in the sector.

Our medical staff is experts in hair treatment, with specializations in emergencies, nutrition and aesthetic medicine:

Dr. Alejandro Ramírez Sánchez has a degree in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Malaga. University Expert in Practical Application Techniques of Acupuncture. Master in Dietetics and Human Nutrition, Master in Aesthetic Medicine and Master in Medicine and Hair Transplantation.

Dr. Manuel Diego Gómez Carmona has a degree in Medicine in Germany. Qualification approved by the University of Seville. Master in Hair Transplantation and Master in Aesthetic Medicine.

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